Shopify On Location in Los Angeles

Shopify On Location in Los Angeles

To kick off 2023, the Shopify podcasting team created a mini-series featuring some of the most notable founders based in Los Angeles.

The series explores how a place influences the creation of commerce and the interviews were captured in person at our Shopify LA Space. Our producers were Meghan Coyle and Gogo Zoger. Matt Schwartz engineered and mixed these episodes. My amazing lead, Benjamin Gottlieb and myself hosted the interviews.

Hear the trailer here:

Episode featuring Dr. Jason Wersland, founder of Therabody (makers of the beloved Theragun and many other percussive massage therapy tools):

Episode featuring Grace Lee, co-founder of Birdy Grey (Online retailer of wedding attire, known for their $99 dresses):

Episode featuring Greg Gonzalez, co-founder of Youth To The People (science based skincare recently acquired by L'Oréal):

Episode featuring Sean Reyes, founder of Shock Surplus (One of the largest automotive businesses on Shopify selling customized shocks and suspensions):

Episode featuring Kristen Pumphrey of PF Candle Co (capturer of the scents of LA and beyond in candles sold in retailers like CB2 and Urban Outfitters):

Episode featuring Ross Mackay, founder of Daring (makers of plant based chicken found in Wholefoods and Target):

Episode featuring Tom Vozzo, CEO of Homeboy Industries (nonprofit providing employment for thousands of former gang members):

Episode featuring Jing Gao, founder of Fly By Jing (addictive chilli crisps with a cult following):