Hey, it’s Shuang. Welcome to my slice of the internet. 🎉

Currently, I'm a senior content marketing manager at Shopify, where I get to host and produce our flagship podcast, Shopify Masters. We get to highlight business builders from all walks of life and share their valuable learnings. 

Getting to tell stories for a living is pretty cool and it's something I've dreamed of doing. ✨ 

Previously, I actually worked with numbers and looked after pricing strategies within the telecom industry.

As I transitioned into a more creative career path, I ironically missed the early days of creating simply out of personal interest. So here I am, filling these digital pages with things I love. 

🍜 Memorable meals  

🗺️ Tasty travels

🎵 Sentimental songs

🖇️ Much more

Thanks for stopping by and withstanding my heavy usage of alliteration and cheesy lines.