Lockdown Logs #5: Sunrise over Tommy Thompson

Lockdown Logs #5: Sunrise over Tommy Thompson

Before COVID, I only experienced a handful of sunrises, and all of them revolved around travel. There was the time that I biked across Singapore and watched the sun come up in East Coast Park. And that overnight bus from Paris to Amsterdam where we got to see the sun rise over the city as we pulled into the central station. I’ll also never forget that early morning spent waiting in line for a meal at Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market.

Somehow I've only mustered up the motivation for waking up before the crack of dawn when I’m abroad. It seems overly excessive to get up so early for sunrises when I’m home. Sleep is too sweet of an activity to waste on a backdrop that I get to see every single day, right? 

But with travel restricted and our activities limited to mostly outdoors, my friend Sanjay proposed the idea of sunrise bike rides. Not to sound overly dramatic but these rides were the highlight of summer. There's something about watching the sun do it's thing that reminded me of the magic that still exists in the world. We managed to do a few of these rides this summer and I’ve never regretted waking up early.

Here are some sweet shots from our first sunrise taken at Tommy Thompson, my favourite park in the city. Hope they bring you a sense of calm and casual magical wonder.




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