Shopify Masters Podcast: Bushbalm Mini Series

Shopify Masters Podcast: Bushbalm Mini Series

David Gaylord is the Merchant in Residence at Shopify and the CEO of Bushbalm. He spent his early days at Shopify in operations and had Bushbalm as a side hustle. Within the span of 5 years David and his team grew Bushbalm into an 8-figure skincare business.

In this 6 episode mini-series, I was challenged with a limited budget and COVID restrictions to experiment with video podcasting. I rallied up a team of internal creatives who volunteered their time to create original music, edit video, and engineer sound in their spare time, together we created a mini series that doubled our monthly listenership and solidified a model for serialized content for Shopify. 

EP 1: 


EP 2:


EP 3:

EP 4:

EP 5:

EP 6: